GLASGOW PRESS A Happy Family of Artisans

Larry Hale at work creating my PSC business card at Glasgow Press

Larry Hale at work creating my PSC business card at Glasgow Press

Last spring I traveled to Glasgow, Scotland to visit my cousin Larry Hale, his wife Lorna and extended family. Larry gave a tour of the family business - a very high quality letterpress printshop, Glasgow Press.

The detailed craftsman at Glasgow Press produced by business card and I was lucky enough to be present while they applied their skill. The whole process was fascinating and the result is remarkable. I took a majority of the photos above on that day.

Their speciality, letterpress, involves inking raised type and impressing it deeply onto soft paper using vintage printing presses. This fusion of traditional 15th century printing methods and 21st century technology gives unique results. Larry compressed three layers of paper stock and pressed it into one card - dark grey, red and white. The tactile experience of holding the card is really an announcement of quality and leaves a lasting impression on anyone who handles it. Holding one of their business cards is truly like getting a small gift.

Their Heidelberg and Vandercook presses allow them to produce high quality craftsmanship at reasonable costs, in runs from one piece to tens of thousands. They will accommodate any artist's vision with a laugh and a sweet smile.

Glasgow Press is indeed a happy family of artisans dedicated to creating beauty in print.