Paintings on Canvas

Peter Simpson Cook

"Human Nature" at Risk Press Gallery, West Hollywood, California, October 3-30, 2005  

As the attitude of the world shifts from exploitation of the earth's resources to one of recovery, this collection of paintings visualizes an awareness of healing in our lives... and shows that nature is there to tutor us with it's lessons.

Site Unseen; Earth, Water, Air, Fire

A set of two diptychs by Peter Simpson Cook

These four canvases which make up two diptychs, were created to hang together as part of the "Human Nature" at the Risk Press Gallery,  West Hollywood, California, 2005

The four classical elements -- earth, water, air and fire -- were proposed to the Greeks by Empedocles, then conceived by Plato to consist of atoms, their surfaces made up entirely of triangular geometric shapes. Later, Aristotle saw the elements as combinations of opposites -- hot and cold, wet and dry. By the Middle Ages one's health was thought to depend upon a balance of the four elements, and by the time of Hippocrates, the theory of the four humors was developed. We still say that people can be in a "good humor" or a "bad humor." The classical elements continue to this day to be used to describe moods, attitudes or personalities.

Poolside Collection

Seven paintings on canvas by Peter Simpson Cook

These six commissioned paintings and "The Deep End" were installed near the spa and pool area of the Los Angeles Sofitel Hotel, 2007.

Creating these paintings was a zen meditation for me. All I was thinking about was the light... and that slow moving blurred line of shadow in the space of stillness.

New Work

Artwork by Peter Simpson Cook. All rights reserved.